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     In 1990, Somalia broke out into clan warfare. This eventually led to an all out civil war in which clans fought for power and control of Somalia. Corrupt clan leaders took over the food and water supply. By September 1992, half the population was suffering from starvation, severe malnutrition, and disease. The UN stepped in at this time to protect, provide supplies, and send trucks which gave the people food, water, and basic medical help. The UN tried to restore peace and stability to Somalia. This would become known as the 100-Day Action Plan.
     While the people of Somalia welcomed the much needed relief from the United States, the Samali began to view the United States as an attacking occupier.

     The Clan leaders made the relief efforts almost impossible. General Mohamad Fahrah Aidid ordered the Pakistani battalion to not be allowed into Mogadishu. He also fired shots on ships carrying food and on the Pakistani troops who were controlling the airport. Pakistani troops returning fire only resulted in an increase of looting and hijacking of supply trucks as well as warehouses.
     On December 3 1992, the United States got the command to sucure environment, provide relief and set up an economy by "all means necessary". Eventually rebuild Somali economy and create a Somali State.

Map of Somalia

UN soldiers occupy the streets.

Somalia 1993-1996  ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Qld) Incorporated 1998.


Somalia - UNOSOM I  21 March 1997

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